Infrarium as configured at the launch event

Infrarium is more than just a serious game about infrastructure investments during the energy transition.


  • Controlled environment for behavioral observations, all physical actions and hardware response logged
  • Hi-definition cameras for overview and emotional recognition AI
  • Biometric tracking of pulse, temperature and galvanic skin response

Serious gaming research

  • Design principle development for physical and emotional immersion
  • Impact of emotional engagement in game effectivity
  • Repeatable game in a highly controlled environment

Multi modelling

  • Backend simulation based on multi-model ecosystem concepts
  • Scaleable resolution and fidelity, from general principles of energy conservation to second-level grid stability possible

Decision making under uncertainty

  • How does emotional stress and cognitive overload affect small groups of individuals making high-impact decisions?
  • Does a physical and emotional experience impact the decision making compared to purely rational intellectual processes?

Affective computing

  • Development of affective computing under low-quality environmental conditions ( smoke, noise, low light)
  • Calibration of AI for relatively low stress situations

Design logic

  • Modular platform design : easy reconfiguration and reuse of components for different types of games
  • Maximal reuse of second hand materials and equipment
  • Low cost approach to construction and hardware control
  • Open source design of low level communication protocols, controller hardware, operating system, simulation code, game design and hardware layout.